WOOSHOP — Wordpress Wocommerce based app built with React Native + GraphQL(ios and android)

The project need contributor, those who are willing to contribute and comment below

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WOOSHOP was planned as a project for the portfolio, and I started this project almost 2 years ago, after I completed a project for my company called DFM which over react native, I wanted a project that I can show to the world since DFM project was more like an in-house app for the company and their members.

I got the inspiration when I was getting all these cool news about what is graphQL and how great it is. I was into it, I started learning graphQL over the internet and came across this plugin called WPGraphQL — A plugin created for WordPress and WordPress only. The sole purpose of this plugin was to able to access the WordPress data via GraphQL. And literally, they have these two addons plugins as well that one was to get the authentication through JWT and another was to the access to all the woo-commerce based content.

After seeing this plugin and reading documentation, I thought it would be a great idea to create an app based on woo-commerce, where people can clone the app and change the URL of the site and have these plugin installed on their website and bang, there you have a custom Woo-commerce store app for both ios and android platform.

It took me at least 5 months to complete this project as I was also doing this full-time job, and whatever time I had, I was investing in wooshop project.

Functionalities :

  • Authentication

The Project is fully opensource, and everyone is welcome to contribute.

What Can be done

  • Improve code structure, because the app was created when I was just started working with react-native and the project before this was not as big as this one.

How to Get Started

I plan to run this project, you need to have your own WordPress setup as I do, and some plugins, all of them are free except buying your own WordPress server.

You can also download this project from google play store.

Github link to the project

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