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Grooming your LinkedIn: This post is for professionals who want to enhance their LinkedIn profile or form a better branding strategy. This article is aimed at persons who are new to Linkedin, students, or those who are concerned about personal branding on the platform. Linkedin is a vital tool, and as a professional, it is definitely one of the greatest you can find. LinkedIn allows you to connect with individuals who share your interests, and the most essential aspect of LinkedIn is that it makes you reachable and discoverable to potential employers, opening up a world of possibilities for you. Despite all of the benefits of LinkedIn, if your profile is not properly branded, you may miss out on significant changes.

Personal Branding banner by Raja Osama

Personal branding is critical; in fact, with the appropriate personal branding, you may achieve any goal, including finding work and establishing new friends. Personal branding, in my opinion, is all about ensuring that people recognize your name. In my opinion, meeting someone and having him recognize you on LinkedIn is the goal.

For those interested in creating an impactful LinkedIn profile, here are some strategies and tips. In the sections below, I’ll go over LinkedIn in detail and show you how to polish your profile to attract more people. It is a success if you can reach out to more people.

1 — Create a Professional Profile Picture.

The profile picture is the very first step toward grooming your LinkedIn profile. Most people judge you based on what kind of profile image you have. There is a significant difference between a random selfie and a professionally captured profile image. Similarly, having a professional photo for LinkedIn is critical, because people will just see a small symbol with your picture on their wall, and depending on how creative you are with your profile picture, they will either visit your profile or walk on. is my go-to tool for creating an awesome-looking profile photo. It’s an online program that eliminates your image’s background and replaces it with something more appropriate, innovative, and appealing.


2 — Writing a Perfect tagline.

Writing an Awesome tagline is just as crucial as writing an awesome profile image. Your slogan and profile image are the only things that people will see, so be original. Writing a tagline is an art form that requires ingenuity. A tagline that represents you and provides enough information to pique the viewer’s curiosity about your profile. Here’s an example of a good and awful tagline.

BAD : React js — Javascript — dotnet — Nodejs Developer

Reasoning, There is so much going on in just the tagline. And it’s not very attractive at all.

Good: Innovating at tech with Javascript Based Stack

Reasoning: You don’t have to overwhelm the person, just let them know that you have expertise in something and that something is this.

Raja Osama Linkedin Tagline

3- Writing a BIO

Now, this is a part where you let people know what you are all about. The key is to be creative while writing a bio. Remember, the bio is about you so mostly when you write a bio you are focusing on

Who are you?

What interest you?

What have a achieved?

How is the future for you?

Make sure to write about yourself and be creative. Make sure the content you write isn’t too much for the person to handle and is easily consumable. Because a bio is a representation of you, you must make an extra effort to write the best bio possible.

A Sample Bio Screenshot

You can use QuillBot to rephrase your content, so that it may sound a bit more professional to the people.

4- Education Section

Your education is represented in the Education section of your LinkedIn profile, but the trick is to say more than just that you have a bachelor’s degree in a particular profession. Instead, write about your educational experience, what you learned during that period, what you accomplished during that time, and your research ideas. Make it more interesting, and if you have graduated, including a photo of yourself in a graduation gown is a huge plus.

A Sample Education Section

5- Experience Section

This area is quite important, and I would advise folks to take their time in writing a thorough account of their experiences. The following is a suggested format for writing a proper experience section:

Introduction to a company and what the company is about.

What you worked and your Job responsibilities of the job.

KPIs you have achieved during your time in the company.

What you have learned during your time in the company.

Remember to take your time while writing this section, as it is a very important section. Here basically you are telling people your expertise and your skillset as well.

A Sample Experience Section

6- Featured Section

Another crucial aspect of LinkedIn where most individuals avoid posting material, which is a tremendous mistake. It is the section that comes before the biographical section. You can highlight your accomplishments in the highlighted sections, and your generic resume should always be the first thing on the list.

A Sample Featured Section

These are some of the tips and tricks I have learned over a period of time, and they work for me.

Anyways follow me on my LinkedIn for more tips and tricks from the link below.

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