Interview Topics for a JS Full Stack Engineer in 2022 💻

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Hello 👋 Rockstars 🎸, so lately I have been job hunting 👨🏻‍🎓 and I am mostly these days preparing for the job interviews and therefore I created a list of interview subjects that are most likely to be in an interview for the role of Full Stack developer (JS). These questions are what I have come across mostly in my interviews so therefore I decided to write about them.

When I talk about Full-Stack engineer (JS), I am most likely to be talking about the stack that includes: ✅
- Javascript
- React
- Node Js
- Software engineering concepts

So Let’s get into it.

- Micro Services
- Monolithic
- Server-less
- Event-Driven architecture
- Message Driven architecture
- Procedural Programming
- Functional Programming
- Object-Oriented Programing
- Inheritance
- Polymorphism
- Abstraction
- Encapsulation

Node JS

- What type of frameworks are commonly used
- What is Rest API
- What is GraphQL
- How is GraphQL and Rest API is different
- What is Node Js
- How is Node Js different from the javascript that is being used in browsers.
- Can we make node Js multi-threaded
- How do you scale a node Js application
- What is clustering in Node Js
- What is HTTPS servers
- What is express
- What are the middlewares in the express application
- A Use case for middleware in the express application
- response Status codes we commonly used group 100, group 200, group 300, group 400, group 500
- Testing with Jest
- Unit Testing
- What are containers
- What is Docker
- what is K8S
- How do you handle authentication
- How you handle OAuth2
- What is JWT
- How do you validate JWT
- Where do you usually validate JWT

React Js

- What is React
- What is Hooks
- Name commonly-used Hooks
- What is State
- What is Props
- Difference Between States and props
- Can we change states directly
- What is server-side rendering
- What is client-side rendering
- How is client-side and server-side rendering different
- What are HOC
- What is Redux
- What is a store in redux
- What are actions in redux
- What are reducers in redux
- What are the effects of SAGA
- What are our generator function
- How is a generator function different then the normal function
- Commonly used reserved keyword of a generator function


- Define Event Loop
- What is javascript
- How does Javascript handle concurrency
- What are callbacks
- What are Closures
- What is debouncing and throttling

- What is Babel
- What is Webpack

- What is Integration Testing
- What is acceptance testing
- What is system testing

- What is MongoDB
- What is Redis
- What is micro front-end
- Pros and cons of micro front-end

- What is CI
- What is CD
- What is a pipeline

Above are some of the topics that I feel are very likely to be in an interview question. I will keep on updating the list. If you want to show some support or stay up to date with what I am doing you can follow me on my LinkedIn.

Anyways thank you for being here. hope you have a wonderful day.

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