Jitsi is an online open-source project, for creating conferencing, Recently I have to work on this project that includes jitsi, and the setup of jitsi actually sometimes quite complicated, so I decided to write proper instructions on how to set up jitsi properly.

This article will be focused purely on…

Lately, I have been working with eCommerce Mobile applications to treat Shopify and woo-commerce as a headless CMS. Display Projects and the ability to add to Cart and to checkout to place a successful order.

After completing the Cart, the only problem I had was making a similar checkout system…

So you have created up a great looking Electron-based app. Now you want to create an installer for it, There is a lot of articles that can help you, but in this, I am going to share my story of how I did it, and it is also for the people who are using electron and react together.

Now you need to understand 2 things, there is no way of doing it the easy way, like there is no one-click installer creator in electron that you can use, that cover all the 100% of the cases for you, some will expose your app source, or you will end…

Raja Osama

I Describe Myself as a Polyglot ~ Tech Agnostic ~ Rockstar Software Engineer. I Specialise in Javascript-based tech stack to create fascinating applications.

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